Application Setup

The Application Setup service enables the creation of application environment parameterization to serve the proposed scenario, and in keeping with certain rules and standards. By guaranteeing maximum use of the functionalities, it further enables the customer future independent system administration and maintenance.
The initial configurations and parameterizations of the process flow standards are performed, as per application requirement. Involvement of the key users in the configuration activities is of vital importance in order to ensure their satisfaction and full compliance with the established standards. Following standard definition, key users continue the process and conclude the necessary data input to complete parameterization.

Reduced scale simulations are also performed to validate the defined and parameterised values and standards thereby guaranteeing successful results as per the users expectations.
Information generated by the Discovery service (process mapping and definition of customer’s specific requirements) serve as a valuable source of reference for parameterization activities.

Customer Benefits

Obtain maximum use of system / application resources.

Preparation of personnel to perform future system administration independently.

Definition of solid and stable configuration standards.

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