bARCH is a web enabled data mining and report generating tool for Archived/History data for banks. Statutory requirements of the central bank and legal requirements of the country demand the banks to maintain the historical data for a longer period of time.
When a bank replaces its existing banking software with new Core banking Solution, historical data is generally not carried into the new software. Banks maintain this historical data either in hard copies or maintain the old system to retrieve old data as and when they are required. In this case, banks need to have expertise to maintain and retrieve the historical data from the legacy system. This process is a cumbersome and costly for the banks to maintain the old servers, skilled persons (Experts in Legacy) and storing of hardcopies. B-Arch provides the banks cost effective solution for retrieval and search facility of historical data without compromising the statutory requirements.

bARCH features:-
  • Cost effective storage of required historical data.
  • Easy retrieval and printing of required historical data.
  • User friendly, easy to use and User friendly customization features.
  • Powerful Report engine with almost all the report requirements in built.
  • Near zero maintenance.


bRECON is the Reconciliation software system for the Central Accounts Department (CAD) of a bank to implement a efficient and effective reconciliation of all types of transactions specially Clearing and draft transactions and transactions between branches and head office.
Inter Branch Reconciliation is one of the important functions of head office for monitoring inter branch and drafts transactions of the Bank. Having said that Inter Branch reconciliation can be defined as a process where the transactions put through by different branches on Inter Branch accounts are reconciled at Central Accounts Department (CAD). An originating entry of branch X gets reconciled with a responding entry from branch Y. Both the transactions are reported to CAD through daily statements and the transactions are matched at CAD. This completes the process of reconciliation.

bRECON features:-

  • User friendly web enabled software.
  • Secure Architecture.
  • Powerful report engine for easy report generation.
  • Reduced maintenance and cost of ownership.
  • Easy Customization features that can be extended to ATM/SWITCH/VISA/NOSTRO recociliations.


bAUDIT is tool for the Banks, developed with an objective to automate the internal and periodic audit process and to assist the audit team and the bank management in an effective way by reducing the time consumed in generating audit reports, it is a web enabled menu driven software.

All the banking applications have inbuilt security and audit features. However due to operational requirements and various other reasons users of the banking systems either over ride or circumvent the system which negates the very purpose for which these costly systems are installed. Banks hence do a periodic audit of such occurences as part of their audit process.

This product is an effort in that direction, to provide the branch management and other operational officials including internal auditors, to constantly review all the exceptions and deviations that take place within the authorized framework. Any changes taking place unauthorized have to be acted upon immediately.

The bAUDIT is a menu driven application software. It covers the OS level (UNIX), RDBMS (Oracle) and branch data related audit requirements uniquely under individual subheads. Each subhead further carries several relevant audit requirements or areas of audit interest.


bFMS is a product for the File Management System. It is designed for all type of organizations to handle their MIS reports and documents. Documents which needs privacy i.e. customer applications for credit facilities and depository services. Users of bFMS can maintain personal and public folders which can be password protected and archive MIS reports generated by various systems. Users can convert the reports and documents in PDF formats before publishing through mails and public folders.

bFMS features:-

  • Automation of movement of MIS reports generated by centralized systems to users work stations or to a location specified by the branch/office, thus releasing the centralized systems from the overheads.
  • User specific reports moved to user's workstation for security and future references thus eliminating the risk of loosing critical MIS reports which cannot be regenerated or require high cost operations.
  • Source and version control for customization and locally developed software.
  • Report distribution and publication through shared folders and mails.


bLMS is a comprehensive library management System developed on futuristic open source software platforms. bLMS is suitable for both large and small libraries where total cost of ownership is highly minimized. Its flexible design enables Library Management System to be installed in a range of organizations, ranging from large public libraries to in house libraries of various organizations. The product can provide a multiplier effect where multiple types of libraries can be hosted into a single system by a large library having qualified librarian bandwidth to provide library management services on a SASS model.

bLMS features:-

  • Maintenance of multiple types of resources like Book, CD, Files, Documents, Video Cassette, and Audio Cassette.
  • 'Powerful reference search engine' locates where the resource is.
  • Internet based Resource reservation system and auto allocation to the next requisition and response through automated mailing system through queue management module.
  • Interface with barcode readers and automated data retrieval from
  • Export and Import of resource data to and from spread sheets and databases.
  • Fee based e-commerce delivery system as an add on module.
  • Configurable and customizable reports/fee structure/discounts and resource parameters.


The SMS facility brings peace of mind to customers and opens doors to many more technological possibilities and innovative services.

bSMS automates the entire operation of SMS banking eliminating the need for an internet banking application. By SMS Banking, we mean the limited feature of TOPUP ad ACCOUNT BALANCE inquiries. The product has an extendible feature where any other information can be retrieved from the banking application if the same is permitted by the bank. The facilities available in the current version are Utility Bill Payment, Cheque Book Request etc.

bSMS features:-

  • Account balance details through the mobile.
  • TOPUP (Easy Recharge) facility to the customer mobile by debiting the customers operative account.
  • Cheque Book request for the customer account through the registered mobile.
  • Utility payment through the mobile for the specified amount.


bIMS is a fully automated and Integrated browser-based total workflow automation system for managing the academic process of Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Training Academies and Universities.

Institute Management System seamlessly integrates the semi-automated process, starting from candidates/students' enquiry, registration, time-table allocation, course allocation, attendance tracking, examination management, payment management, staff management, facility management, library management, logistics management and allows the management to compare and creatively analyze the data to enhance the student, teacher/lecturer and other staff performances.

bIMS features:-

  • Web enabled solution
  • Centralized solution to meet a group of Institutions
  • End to end solution constituting academics, administration and financial


bPAYROLL is a configurable, centralized payment processing solution where a corporate group can manage its pay roll processing centrally with the flexibility of a decentralized solution.

bPAYROLL features:-

  • Configurable salary module where components can be modified and designed according to the institution needs
  • Multiple levels of logics can be applied for designing the salary component
  • User roles and authentication level definable at the component level
  • User friendly steps to add new components and seamless updation of new components and identification of component integrities
  • Maintenance employee level preferences
  • Data security
  • Highly parameterizable application
  • Automatic salary calculation and pay slip generation
  • Near zero administrative cost