The aim of this service is to identify the working model of an organisation, its overall management, its weak and strong points, training requirements, project success factors, business scenarios and various process flows.
In the context of our solution implementation process, this is a very important and relevant service offering. The origination of decisions and actions taken according to the customer’s specific needs and requirements will develop from this. The way in which the system will have to be parameterized and, as a consequence, all the business processes served by the application will have to be aligned based on this stage.

Through interviews with business users, key stakeholders, as well as by an analysis of system documentation and the existing processes, a study will be conducted of the existing processes, company objectives and the needs and expectations for improvements to the organization through the use of our tools and methodologies.
Based on the information studied, process reference models will be drawn up. These models are a way of representing the business process at the organisation where implementation is occurring. The models are differentiated into models that describe the current situation (called the “AS-IS” models) and the models that express the desired future situation (called “TO-BE” models).

Customer Benefits

Formalization of existing business processes and identification of need for change. Focusing efforts on formalizing and understanding the processes leads to a reduction in bottlenecks, removal of unwanted or redundant stages, manual phase automation and, if necessary, the entire or partial re-engineering of flows.

There is a transition from the “Black Box” model where it is impossible to observe the operating mode in detail, to a “transparent box”, in which it is possible to observe and know how the operation really works.

Clear documentation and identification of requirements to be met by the system.

Expected results are well defined and documented.

Clear definition of the focus on activities required for proposed change process.

Provides an understanding for all business users and those involved in the project.

Facilitates efficient process flow automation.

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